December 13th Seafood Specials — Grumbles Seafood Co.

December 13th Seafood Specials

This December 13th, Grumbles Seafood Co. brings its own seafood specials to the table. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday we’ll have a unique platter to your table.

December 13th Sunday Funday December Seafood Specials

December 13th Seafood Specials — Shrimp and Grits

As usual, we have our Bloody Mary available at our Full Bar! During our Sunday Funday special, however, we lower the original price to only $5.00. In addition to our Bloody Mary, we serve a $3.50 Mimosa. While you’re still here, check out our $15.99 Shrimp and Grits special.

When Grumbles Seafood Co. is up and running we have our friendly staff ready, between the hours of 11:00am and 9:00pm, to take your order. Grumbles is also open 11:00am to 9:00pm, every day of the week except Wednesday. We also have Happy Hour from 3pm to 7pm, every Tuesday and Thursday.

December 13th Tuesday Seafood Specials

Every Tuesday at Grumbles Seafood Co. now brings a new special to the table. At our bar, we serve Draft Beers. You can purchase our quality Domestic Draft Beer for $3.00, or upgrade and get Premium Draft Beer for $3.50. While happy is going on, we also are offering 50% off our House-made Gulf Fish Ceviche. You can find our Ceviche under our Appetizers. Our House-made Ceviche is a mahi cooked in lime juice with tomato, jalapeño, red onion, cilantro and avocado, served with tortilla chips. We’re also having Happy Hours from 3pm to 7pm, every Tuesday and Thursday.

bacon wrapped shrimp port aransas seafoodDecember 13th Thursday Seafood Specials

Finally, we have our brand-new Thursday Special.  This week we have our Bacon Wrapped Shrimp! A grilled gulf shrimp with jalapeño and monterey jack cheese wrapped with crispy apple wood smoked bacon and tossed in a teriyaki bourbon glaze! As mentioned before, we still have our quality Domestic Craft Beer for $3.00, and our Premium Draft Beer for $3.50. While we have Happy Hour, we serve our half-priced Gulf Fish Ceviche. And, like mentioned before, we have Happy Hour going on from 3:00pm to 7:00pm, every Tuesday and Thursday.

Happy Hour

Grumbles Seafood Co. is now open with Happy Hour! Starting at 3:00pm, we offer a Domestic Craft Beer for $3.00. We are also serving a Premium Craft Beer for an extra 50¢. During our Happy Hour times, we also chop our Gulf Fish Ceviche price in half—taking it from the usual $13.99 to $6.99. Happy Hours end at 7:00pm, and are every Tuesday and Thursday.

Latest Specials

If you want to stay updated with Grumbles Seafood Co., you can always find us on Facebook and Instagram. We are always trying to uphold the highest standards in the seafood industry. At Grumbles, we also update our menu frequently, and make sure all our food is fresh-caught. Everything we serve comes straight from the Gulf through our friends at Fisherman’s Wharf. If it isn’t caught there—it isn’t served here! As always, be sure to keep with us to see new updates.

Whether you’re finishing a long fishing trip of fishing, passing through on a road trip, or just looking for the best seafood in the area, Grumbles Seafood Co. is a fast-casual seafood restaurant with waterfront dining where families and fishermen alike can come as they are.

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