Seafood With a View: Experience Dining on Our Oceanfront Deck at Grumbles Seafood Co.

A picturesque sunset view at Fisherman's Wharf, featuring a large sign with the wharf's name on a wooden post, string lights, birds in flight, and a backdrop of a vibrant sky over a marina filled with boats.Welcome to Waterfront Dining at Grumbles Seafood Co. — a place where dining transcends into an experience, offering not just meals, but memories framed against the backdrop of Port Aransas’ stunning oceanfront. At Grumbles Seafood Co., we’re not just serving food; we’re offering a vista of the vast ocean, a space where the horizon meets your dining table.

The Promise of an Unobstructed View

Since the challenges posed by Hurricane Harvey, we’ve embraced the beauty that emerged in the aftermath. The sweeping views of the ocean, unobstructed and expansive, are a testament to nature’s resilience. Imagine dining as the sun dips below the horizon, the skies painted in hues of orange and purple — a spectacle that can be witnessed from the comfort of our oceanfront deck. There’s a reason why we encourage our guests to visit in person; pictures do not do justice to the beauty of a sunset viewed from Grumbles.

Why Choose Grumbles?

A family enjoying a meal together inside Grumble’s Seafood Co., featuring six members including two children and four adults, seated at a large table filled with various seafood dishes. The restaurant has a coastal decor, with a bar area in the background where a baseball game is displayed on a television.Port Aransas boasts numerous waterfront dining spots, yet none compare to the immersive experience at Grumbles. What sets us apart?

Pure Oceanfront Dining

Our location is unparalleled, offering clear, uninterrupted vistas of the ocean. Whether you’re seated indoors or on our breezy outdoor deck, every seat feels like a front-row ticket to a natural panorama.

Top-Notch Cuisine

Specializing in seafood, our menu features the freshest catches, crafted into dishes that are as delightful to taste as they are to behold. Our commitment to quality ensures that every bite is a reminder of why locals and tourists alike choose Grumbles for the best seafood experience.


Reviews from our patrons highlight the unbeatable combination of our culinary delights and the ambiance. As John Lacijan, a local guide, puts it, “We go to Port A all the time and just found Grumbles today. On the marina with great views, a nice big outside dinning area with lots of seating. And the food was excellent.”

Hear It From Our Guests

View from the patio of Grumble’s Seafood Co., featuring a glimpse of the marina with several boats moored at the docks, including a large yacht and a fishing boat. The perspective is framed by the restaurant’s covered deck, showcasing the calm ocean and clear sky in the background.Our guests’ testimonials speak volumes:

  • Elaine Martinez: “Excellent place. We enjoyed our crab cakes and fish tacos! Sunset was free!”
  • Sweta David: “10/10. This place was great! Great service, good food and a super friendly staff.”
  • Edmund Lee: “AMAZING spot, I wish I’d known about it earlier. The food is tasty, comes out minutes after you order, and the atmosphere is wonderful – you sit right out on the water and there’s a dog friendly patio!”

A Place for Everyone

Whether you’re winding down from a long fishing trip, exploring the area on a road trip, or simply in search of the finest seafood around, Grumbles Seafood Co. is your go-to destination. We cater to families, fishermen, and food lovers, offering a relaxed, fast-casual setting where everyone can enjoy a meal as authentic as the ocean view.

Join us at Grumbles Seafood Co., where every meal is accompanied by a stunning view, making your dining experience not just another meal, but a moment to remember. Visit us and see for yourself why we are a beacon of culinary excellence and scenic dining in Port Aransas.

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