Waterfront Dining — Grumbles Seafood Co.

Waterfront Dining at Grumbles Seafood Co.

oceanfront view

Waterfront Dining at Grumbles Seafood Co. is not only a promise, but a privilege! At Grumbles, you can also see the view overlooking the water. Since Hurricane Harvey, we haven’t done anything that would hide the ocean laid out before you. The destruction that came from that disaster has only brought this view from it. In the picture, you can see the sun diving into the water. So, come to Grumbles in person to see the sunset and witness this in person—you can see sunset times here. Port Aransas has some of the best views in Texas, and Grumbles Seafood Co. just shows the beauty nature can offer.

With our active staff and outdoor seating, there’s no need to go somewhere else. We offer some of the best seafood near you, and oceanfront dining at Grumbles can’t be beat.

What People Say About Waterfront Dining

“Our bill was super inexpensive for all the delicious food we ate and cocktails we drank, plus you are right in the water in a cool space, air conditioned (huge plus!) with a beautiful view.”dining review ~ Nicole Johnson, Local Guide

“. . . Great food, great atmosphere, great view. . .”dining review ~ Kristina Thompson, Local Guide

“The view is great and the atmosphere at night is really pretty outside. ” dining review~ Zoe Peña (Zo)

“The view around the wharf with the indoor/outdoor seating is one of the highlights. A great concept executed well with quality food!” dining revier~ Tim Mikeska

In Port Aransas, you will find several waterfront restaurants, but none are like Grumbles. We have the purest ocean front dining, as well as our outdoor seating and top-notch food. Waterfront Dining at Port Aransas is guaranteed, and our overlook of the ocean is one of the most pure views available. So, come down to Grumbles’ waterfront dining and see the views for yourself.

Whether you’re finishing a long fishing trip of fishing, passing through on a road trip, or just looking for the best seafood in the area, Grumbles Seafood Co. is a fast-casual seafood restaurant with waterfront dining where families and fishermen alike can come as they are.

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