“Oysters Near Me” — Grumbles Seafood Co.

Oysters Near Me — Grumbles Seafood Co.

Oysters Near Me, can be found at Grumbles Seafood Co., and is renowned across Port Aransas for its romantic, seemingly infinite view across its shores. Its fast casual customer service has kept high standards for years, as it remains a family-friendly spot for children and adults alike. Also, its food, which comes straight from Fisherman’s Wharf in Port Aransas, has been the same top-notch quality for years. Grumbles Seafood Co. has been serving the same perfect stuff since it opened.

Oysters Near Me"Oysters Near Me"

And our oyster bar in no exception. And, like everything else, we’ve been serving Fried Oysters since opening. Whenever your wondering where Oysters Near Me are, remember: For $21.99 or $25.99, you can order six or nine fried oysters. Both platters come with a home-made Grumbles Slaw and Shoestring Fries. See what our customers have to say about them!

“Awesome place! Loved the fried oysters and hush puppies. Highly recommend. Beautiful place, great service and great food.” ~ Frank F.Five Star Oysters Near You

“Fried crab cake and fried oysters combo basket. Food came out fast and was delicious. Friendly staff and very helpful (brought our food out and gave us to go boxes). A must try.” ~ Danny Medina (Image) Five Star Oysters Near You

Throughout Port Aransas, you can find several places advertised as “Oysters Near Me” or “Oyster Bar” or “Best Seafood Near Me,” but Grumbles is the only place that truly has the greatest Oysters in all of Port Aransas.

As much as Fried Oysters can be good, there are times where we don’t want it fried. But Oysters aren’t always our favorite things either—so what do we have? Well, you can load this treat in our Oyster Or Shrimp Po-Boy. We throw these delicacies inside our perfect sandwich, and call it a day. See what people say about our oysters.

“Great food and lots of seating! We had the fried fish, shrimp, and oysters all quite good! The cost is a tad high but the speed and great views make it worthwhile.” ~ Chaz Gallagher, Local GuideFive Star Oysters Near You

With these thoughts in mine, be sure to swing by Grumbles Seafood Co. to get your oysters.

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